Health Tips: ART Adherence While Traveling

Maybe one of your New Years Resolutions was to travel more. But if you’re taking ART medication, it is important to think ahead when you travel to prevent missing medication doses or feeling stressed. You can do this by…

  1. Counting out your HIV meds, take a two-day backup supply with you in case of travel delays, and pack them in a portable container.

  2. If flying, keep meds in your carry-on bag and think about taking the original bottles with you to explain at security or customs. Bring water and food if the medication requires it.

  3. Adjust your dosing schedule according to the number of time zones you cross. To plan out your medication doses, schedule the right times by writing them down or using a treatment adherence app.

  4. If traveling abroad or some place out of your comfort zone, be mindful in avoiding possibly contaminated foods or liquids.

  5. Being prepared and safe no matter where you are! This includes bringing first aid  essentials, condoms, and insect repellant.

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What should you ask your doctor before you vacay? And are there places you can’t travel with a positive HIV-status?


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