Health Tips: Choosing a Primary Care Physician

You want to find a doctor who…

  • Is knowledgeable about your specific health issues (e.g., HIV and AIDs)
  • Treats you with respect and listens to your opinions/concerns
  • Encourages you to ask questions, explains things thoroughly and in way you can understand
  • Will refer you to a specialist or encourage you to get a second opinion
  • Has a schedule that works well with yours (e.g., early morning, or late afternoons/early evenings), has after-hours availability if needed

Some questions to ask yourself before picking a PCP…

  • Is the gender of the doctor important to me?

  • Do I think the race/ethnicity of the doctor is important?

  • Does the age of the doctor matter to me?

  • Is the location of the doctors medical practice important to me (e.g., distance, affluent neighborhood)?



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