Internet Tips: Pro-Black Hashtags to Look Out For

We love Black Excellence and let’s be honest, we run Twitter. That’s why we’re compiling a list of our favorite pro Black hashtags!

  1. #BlackLivesMatter. This one’s the OG hashtag that got it all started. This hashtag raises political consciousness, brings awareness to police brutality, and advocates for Back people’s rights.

  2. #BlackWomensHistoryMonth. Who said Black history month had to end? It is simply extended– thanks to Black women! Black history would not exist with the contributions of Black women, so make sure to give credit this Black Women’s History Month!

  3. #BlackGirlMagic. This one is a classic. Remember to celebrate and support the sistas because their lives matter too! We love to see them poppin on the timeline.

  4. #BlackBoyJoy. Similar to #BlackGirlMagic, #BlackBoyJoy brings the magic to our timeline. With all the negative news and Tr*mp in office, this hashtag is a welcome refresher.

  5. #BlackMenSmiling. Here’s a challenge for you: look up this hashtag on instagram and scroll without smiling. This one is sure to brighten your day!

  6. #BlackBusiness/#BlackOwnedBusiness. This one is for our Black entrepreneurs and loyal supporters. Building Black wealth is a process that begins with Black businesses. Find your local ones today with the hashtag!

  7. #NaturalHair. This hashtag allows us to embrace our coils and curls! We love the hair care tips that come under the hashtag as well.

  8. #Melanin/#MelaninMagic. We love everything about our melanin, and all the shades it comes in!

  9. #BlackLove. Proceed with caution– this one’s sure to get you in your feelings. But we love #BlackLove, and we are so here to celebrate it!

  10. #BlackExcellence. This hashtag congratulates and calls attention to the hard work of Black people’s personal and professional achievements. It’s important to recognize these achievements so hard work doesn’t go unappreciated in our community!

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