Kink for Kings

By Paulette, LINX Staff 

Kink is on the come-up and we’re here for it! Even though it gets a bad wrap, and it’s not for everyone, we’re here to share how it can be a powerful experience for everybody involved. Here are a few pros of kinks.

  1. Trust. Kinks require a foundation of trust and respect between the parties involved. There is a common misconception that people within the kink community are inherently more aggressive or abusive, and while there are always a few bad eggs, consent is emphasized in play. Before proceeding with play, the parties involved must first have a conversation about their preferences and boundaries. Even opening up about your kink can be intimidating, yet it can also be powerful to own up to your desires and have them be heard. Continuing this line of communication empowers both people involved to express themselves and potentially try something new.

  2. Self Expression. Kinks can be a great outlet for self expression in bed. For example in BDSM, people who are shy in real life might make the most aggressive doms and vice versa. Kinks are a great opportunity to push the boundaries of regular life. Through kinks, people can reimagine themselves in a different light, despite what is deemed socially acceptable. This allows people to express themselves in bold and creative ways, which can build lasting confidence in everyday interactions.

  3. Acceptance. A huge theme within the kink community is acceptance, which makes kink shaming off limits. Kinks, when consensual, are a harmless part of life. Whether or not someone’s kink makes you uncomfortable or vice versa, being able to admit that people have different preferences signals maturity and security with oneself. Kinks open up dialogues about how we should treat difference. Difference isn’t negative, but something that can celebrated.

  4. Self-Efficacy. Insisting on what you want in life is an amazing skill to have. People exploring with kinks have to ask themselves, and their partners, what they want. The process of asking itself is sexy; it shows that you truly care about having a pleasurable experience (who else is attracted to ambitious go-getters?). Being able to ask about a kink shows that you are committed to yourself and respectful of others. Just remember that even if anyone tries to shame you, at least you are true to yourself. And we give you props for that.

How do you communicate your kinks?

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