Life Tips: Discounts on Public Transport

Public transport in L.A. can be expensive, but options exist for need-based reduced programs and fares. The Metro ‘Low-Income Fare is Easy’ or LIFE program offers lowered rates on TAP Metro cards based on low-income eligibility. Check out the qualifications and how to apply at:

L.A. Metro’s Immediate Needs Transport Program (INTP) offers subsidies, vouchers, and coupons for public transport and taxis. You may also be eligible for discounts based on where you live.

Are you a student or do you qualify for disability? Many public transport systems in Los Angeles offer TAP cards with reduced rates in these cases. You can apply for reduced fares by mail or online. They require a copy of a photo ID, a headshot photo, and a completed application. Processing takes about 6-8 weeks. Download the application here.

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