PERSPECTIVE: An Ode to Black Gay Relationships

By Jai, LINX Collaborator 

Relationship — perhaps the most uncomplicated of things. It’s the people involved that distort its purity. The waking up with the clarity of purpose: I give myself to you. This day — the only day that matters —  I give you my first in honor of you. Sleep. Repeat.

Why do we complicate that? Why do we make it so hard to achieve? Perhaps its our ego—the masculine force that thrives within us, telling us to conquer, slay, and pillage. The place in us where we gives no fucks because fucks are for the weak. The incongruence of caring.

Or perhaps it’s oblivion. Maybe we don’t know what we don’t know. We don’t have relationships because we don’t see relationships. We don’t cleave and connect because we yearn for isolation. The comfort and chaos of familiarity.

The honest truth is that we must evolve. It is not an option, no more than our pain is our birthright. We were made, fashioned, created to cleave — birthed to break free. We are the chosen few.

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